APIs for president: the new Tourmake challenge

The Tourmake.it team is glad to announce that the Tourmake APIs will be available soon, giving users the total integration with external services with Tourmake.

Thanks to Tourmake APIs, the dynamism of the tours can be increased, allowing external developers to develop situations that increases the user interactivity. This allows the birth of parallel projects that have the tour as the base of the user experience and extend it with extra functionalities. Some examples are treasure hunts, integration of a real booking system, buying items by clicking on a point of interest on a shelf and more.

The Tourmake APIs represent the definitive way to approach the user to the reality. Moreover, this allows external developers to take advantage of the Google Maps for Business API power.

The development of Tourmake APIs is in an advanced stage. The release will be done gradually. If you have ideas of projects based on Tourmake with a brief timetable, or if you're interested in learning more about this, mail us on our official e-mail address (info@tourmake.it).