It is an important recognition for Tourmake. This project  on Cortina Ski area, designed and made by Toni Bornacin and Giuseppe Ghedina Italy, was a finalist in Smau Smart Communities. For this reason and for realizing a "smart" tour that allows customers to explore virtually  one of the most beautiful Italian ski resort,  “Ski Cortina Tourmake” receives this prize as an important recognition for the great value of this project  built with Tourmake advanced tools, as well as the first use of HD technology of Google Maps Business View to 3,000 meters above sea level which offers  a spectacular 360 degree panorama view on Dolomite area! Through an interactive legend, users can navigate in a more intuitive and immediate way. Another innovative tool, The PeakFinder, allows the identification of the most famous peaks of this area. Thanks to  a virtual map, users can know at any time their position within the ski resort that includes  almost 12 different skiing areas. Moreover,  the 360° Topview is really breathtaking allowing to see and explore –also inside them - all details of the shelters.