The Tourmake Award of August has a winner and his name is Carlos Zuluaga, the famous Australian photographer, who was able to include in an attentive tour, all the refined atmosphere of Arkaba Hotel.
The panoramic studied in detail and the professionalism that emerges while surfing through this tour, reward Mr. Zuluaga giving him a free credit and our sincere congratulations!
The Hotel’s environments are characterised by luxury, highlighted with great precision and incorporated into this wonderful website which facilitates booking process for its users.
In the "Accommodation” section, for example, the rooms description is associated to a short but targeted view useful to explore the hotel interior and to choose the best solution according their needs.
Tourmake in this way confirms its professionalism and synchronicity approaching even more the virtual tour to real life, and so increasing the business opportunities.
Congratulations once again to Carlos Zuluaga and good luck for the next projects!